The Truth About Low Carb Bread

  • Jun 17, 2024
  • By Michael Oates
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Why choose The Low Carb Co's bread over other brands? 

Here at The Low Carb Food Co, we are naturally proud of the products we sell. We've worked hard to make our products and clean as possible, avoiding many of the preservatives, soy products and other stuff many people happily throw in their bread to make their lives easier. Indeed - we have chosen a more difficult path, but ultimately, that effort leads to a better product for you, so its worth it!

Low Carb Bacon Sandwich

Why not other brands of low-carb bread?

Well, it's a free country and choice is no bad thing. But make sure your choices are informed. 

Take a look at the bread of our low-carb competitors. We'll name no names, but feel free to seek out their ingredient lists. In there you’ll find gums, thickeners, soy products, sweeteners, honey, sugar (seriously… honey/sugar in a low carb bread!) , palm oil, sulphates and other preservatives. Potassium sorbate anyone? Yummy… (🤢).

What’s in The Low Carb Co’s bread?

✅ Golden Linseed
✅ Oat Fibre
✅ Vital Wheat Gluten (Gluten from flour, with all the starchy carbs removed)
✅ Psyllium Husk Powder (A natural plant fibre)
✅ Pasteurised Whole Egg
✅ Extra Virgin Olive Oil
✅ Yeast
✅ Salt
✅ Water

That’s just 8 ingredients plus water - basically half the ingredients found in our competitor products and none of the nasty stuff!

What’s more, this base recipe is consistent across all our bread-based products, so no matter what you buy, you can do so with confidence.

Low Carb Toastie

Price vs Value - The Economics of Proper Low Carb Bread

Low carb ingredients don't come cheap. That's why ours and our competitor products cost more than regular bread — and where regular bread has millions upon millions of customers, we have far fewer, so our economies of scale aren't there. 

What's more (unlike our competitors), we've avoided cheap and/or unethical oils (Palm oil / Palm fat being the obvious one), opting for Extra Virgin Olive Oil instead. 

So sure, our bread costs a little more and will need freezing upon arrival, but that's a small price to pay to ensure you are eating clean, wholesome, carb-free food. Indeed, that’s where our true value lies.

If you want to eat low-carb bread that’s as clean as can be (and why wouldn’t you??), you can always trust The Low Carb Co to deliver!  🙌

If you want to buy some for yourself, click on any of the images in this article and head to our shop today!

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