A happy and nutritious New Year to all our customers!

  • Jan 05, 2024
  • By Rikke Svartangen
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It’s a brand new year, and it’s that period where we ponder how we live our daily lives and re-commit to doing better than the year just past. For those of us following a low-carb or keto lifestyle, it’s time to address the inevitable carb creep and get out there and get moving again! (If you’re already doing a great job keeping those carbs at bay, keep at it!)

For Low Carb Food Co, the last twelve months are firmly in the rearview mirror as we emerge with a new company structure under Health Foods Group Ltd and a renewed mission to provide the essentials that you, our customers, will need to make the low-carb lifestyle easier to follow. We’re focusing on essential staple foods—bread, pasta, ready meals and snacks—all of which can now be sent to you without the need for freezing or chilling (which bogged us down with so many issues previously!).

Here are a few points that I’m really happy with, moving into the new year:


  1. We’re very pleased that our new agreement with a major distributor means that we’re able to send parcels of up to 20kg anywhere with a UK postcode for the same great delivery price of £3.99. This includes Northern Ireland, the Highlands and Islands, Lands End to John O’Groats and everywhere in between. Those of you who live in the so-called “premium areas” will know that this is a significant improvement in service, where everyone in the UK will pay the same delivery cost, no matter where they live.

  2. Our new range of Natural Ketosis ready meals is a big step forward and we’re delighted to be working with this innovative company. Three years ago, we developed a full range of frozen keto ready meals which became very popular, but we had to abandon the entire range as the absurdity of the rising costs of sending frozen products made it impossible to continue. This new range relies on a totally different method where the food is cooked and packed in a way that means the food will keep for a whole year at room temperature—no need for refrigeration! Only needing two minutes in a microwave, this is great nutritious food on the go: at work, play, a hospital stay, on holiday—whenever you need something quick and easy.

  3. We’re also very proud of our low-carb pasta range. It took us a long time to get it right, including several hiccups and lessons along the way. We have four varieties (joined by a few more in 2024), and we’re already seeing strong repeat orders from our regular customers. We’ve been getting your photos and recipes of meals produced with the pasta. Why not give it a go and send yours over?

After three years of hard work, we’re proud of what has been achieved, but there’s still a great deal left to do. If you have any ideas or comments, do let us know—we’re listening!

I couldn’t end this email without thanking the dedicated team that has kept the venture going and our friends and associates who have supported us through thick and thin. Then there’s you, our customers, whose support keeps us going from day to day. There is no Low Carb Food Co without you! So look after yourself, keep an eye on those pesky carbs, and together we can make 2024 a great one.

Eryl Vaughan
CEO, Low Carb Food Co