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Well nearly

1st order of this product. I was shocked at the tiny size. Very deceiving how they photographed it.
Now the taste. Very bland but ok with butter on. Toasted gave an unpleasant taste, so I will need to eat it with a poached egg or something.
What I will say is you could have 3 slices of this and still be ridiculously low on carbs so I will see how it goes.
Very expensive, especially now I know the REAL size.


the photo appears to show at least seven meatballs on the plate... so that would be three portions? My packet had three small meatballs.

A pretty unpleasant experience I'm afraid.

I hate wasting food, but after persevering, most of this went in the recycling. Certainly not tempted to try any of the other vacuum sealed meals. Maybe save them for the apocalypse. Lesson learned.

Oat Fibre

This is my baking must. It’s a shame it’s not always available. It is the cheapest on the market, for the exact same good quality. I’m always recommending this company.

Brilliant product, cheaper than anywhere else. As always delivers before the date given. Everything I’ve bought from here has been off a good quality. The rolls and bread are very tasty.

Lovely low carb bread hamper.

Like chewing gum, plastic, no taste at all

Like chewing gum or plastic

Very small slices. The taste is not so good.

Curried Celeriac Soup
Ms Helen Chappell

Pleasant thick soup, but a little bland in flavour.

Chilli Bean Soup
Ms Helen Chappell

Nice and spicy soup, with a thick and filling consistency. Excellent lunch option.

Tex Mex Soup
Ms Helen Chappell
Thick and Tasty

This soup is filling, a good texture and savoury flavour. Recommended.

Great product. Very versatile

They was nice

The taste is pretty good for low carb bread but it doesn’t toast well. It’s expensive for a very small loaf

Thick and Tasty

Having read a review of your mushroom soup, I was nervous of ordering this product. However, It was a nice thick consistency with a good savoury flavour, although maybe a bit more cheesiness would have been ideal. But it was so nice to be able to have a bowl of instant soup for lunch again after so many well-behaved keto years! And it is true what the experts say - soup really does stave off hunger pangs until your evening meal and discourage snacking. Will try others of your soup flavours now.

everyone of them delicious! just the thing for when you dont feel like cooking.

I'm afraid it wasn't for me

Bit expensive but I love the bread best one I've tasted yet.

Good size and nice to have bread roll

Good taste for a snack

Fast delivery and good fir a snack

Tasty but needs more seasoning!

As a basic thai chicken soup this is fairly nice but, without any added seasoning, the taste is pretty bland overall. For me, it needs salt (and not just a tad for flavouring but quite a lot ... or a richer chicken stock base).