The Low-Carb Christmas Survival Box

SKU: P014


Get ready for this holiday season with our ultimate low-carb Christmas Box!

There’s no need to fear those sneaky carbs and sugars around Christmas so long as you make sure you have some tasty low-carb options available! This box includes plenty of snacks and treats to make sure you’re prepared for any and all celebrations this holiday.

  1. Choose a box of 6 Low-Carb Keto bombs
  2. Choose your option of Foodie Flavour’s Natural Flavouring
  3. Choose a bundle of 4 Monarchs Pure Cheese Crisps
  4. Choose a bundle of 6 Proper Pork Crackling
  5. We’ve also included some Low Carb Chocolate Co’s Creamy Milk Chocolate and a bottle of extra virgin olive oil.

Happy Holidays!


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