The Low-Carb Breakfast Box


Working out your ideal low-carb breakfast routine? Our Low-Carb Breakfast Box gives you a bunch of options to get going in the morning!

Treat yourself to some scrambled eggs on toast with our low-carb sliced bread (less than 1g of carbs per slice!). Maybe a quick sausage bap in one of our low-carb rolls? Some tasty keto-friendly porridge for those cold mornings? Scoff a bowl of crunchy keto granola! Or grab some of our chocolate keto granola bars as you’re running out of the house (they’ll fill you up until lunchtime!).

Our Low-Carb Breakfast Box includes:

  • A 400g loaf of our low-carb sliced bread
  • Two 4-packs of our low-carb rolls
  • 500g of our Keto Porridge
  • 300g of our Keto Granola
  • A 6-pack of our orange chocolate keto granola bars

  • Low-Carb Bread Sliced Loaf (400g)

  • Low-Carb Bread Rolls (Pack of 4) × 2

  • Keto Porridge

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  • Keto Granola

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  • Orange Chocolate Keto Granola Bars (Pack of 6)

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