Monarchs Pure Cheese Crisps Bundle


Say goodbye to carb counting and hello to guilt-free snacking! These Pure Cheese Crisps are hand made to satisfy your keto snack cravings! Tangy, Crunchy and Delicious.

Have you been craving crunchy snacks on a low-carb diet? So did Monarchs, which is why they baked their own natural and delicious keto crisps made only from mature British cheddar. Pair with dips, spreads, soups, salads and drinks and enjoy your low-carb lifestyle. Guilt-free!

Choose four bags from the range of flavours: Tangy Mature Cheddar, Spicy Chilli & Herbs, Fresh Garlic & Oregano and Roasted Onion & Thyme.

4 x 30g bags

  • Monarchs Pure Cheese Crisps Tangy Mature Cheddar

  • Monarchs Pure Cheese Crisps Spicy Chilli & Herbs

  • Monarchs Pure Cheese Crisps Fresh Garlic & Oregano

  • Monarchs Pure Cheese Crisps Roasted Onion & Thyme


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