• Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


    From Flix, Tarragona. An oil almost unique in its style. Renowned for its first cold-pressed olive oil. The cold pressing is a method of oil extraction which is performed mechanically and at a low temperature, preserving the ratio of essential fatty acids, vitamin E, natural antioxidants and requires no additives. The first extraction called “first pressure” gives a resultant juice of pure and truly oleaginous fruit. This olive oil comes from the completely organic farming of the olives to which no fertilizer or synthetic chemical pesticides have been added. The olives are picked from the tree one-by-one by hand and rapidly transported to the washing line to remove all impurities. Then they are crushed between 3 large granite stones weighing over 1000 kg each, rotating at a speed of 18 revolutions per minute. In a cold, hydraulic press the olive juice is obtained, and it’s from this first press that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained.

  • Boneless Rib of Welsh Beef


    1.5kg of 100% grass-fed, free-range boneless rib of Welsh Beef. This is a big ol’ hunk of meat!

  • Rib of Welsh Beef


    2kg of 100% grass-fed, free-range rib of Welsh Beef (on the bone). This is a big ol’ hunk of meat!

  • Dry Cured Streaky Bacon


    Available as:

    • 200g
    • 500g
    • 2.27kg
  • 100% Welsh Lamb Burgers


    High-fat, grass-fed, free-range Welsh lamb burgers.

    Available as:

    • Pack of 4
    • Pack of 12
    • Pack of 30